Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Eat, Prey, Love: Film Review

This film is not a typical romantic-comedy. It certainly has all the ingredients - a broken heart, some soul searching, new friendships, new romantic interests. But it is a step beyond the usual chick-flick. It is more mature and intelligent; the central theme is focused on self examination, discovery and finding a love for life. It is more a case of 'does she find happiness?' and 'does she find herself?', than 'does she get the man?'

These may sound like corny and superficial questions, and therefore you'd be forgiven for assuming the film is shallow and cheesy, but it is not. It is a sophisticated attempt to tackle issues that have plagued women for some time. And I was completely taken in.

Julia Roberts shone brightly, as always. Her portrayal of Elizabeth, a 30-something newly divorcee travelling the world, successfully combines Elizabeth's confidence in her career and writing, and her fragility and uncertainty in her sense of self.

Javier Bardem, plays Felipe, Elizabeth's new love-interest, and is surprisingly good. I, unlike most, am not a fan of Bardem. Before watching the film, I presumed he would be a poor and disappointing casting choice. Instead, he was lively, refreshing and portrayed Felipe's vulnerability and tenderness perfectly. The chemistry between himself and Roberts was realistic and heart-warming.

The film was packed with wry humour, exquisitely polished shots, strong script writing and good quality acting. The film itself was a luxury to watch. Every scene was full of colour and beauty, there was breathtaking scenery and mouthwatering food. It will not provoke an array of emotions, nor provide answers to all your own problems. But for me, it was inspirational - I am now desperate to visit Italy, and learn the language. I am also keen to become a master of Italian cooking. There is an original story here. My suggestion... wait till this comes out on dvd, then sit back with a glass of a good wine, and enjoy.

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