Monday, 24 January 2011

Morning Glory: Film Review

We already know this story: ambitious, hard-working young woman, with no time for a special man in her life, struggles to work her way to the top of her career and be recognised for her raw talent. This does not stop the floods of women who will flock to see this feel-good, romantic comedy. Any, why should it?

Yet, despite the high calibre of the cast: Diane Keating, Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams, this film never really develops. There are moments of humour and charm, and though a TV studio does not seem like the most original setting for a chick flick, there was something inspiring and interesting in the side of television production painted.

The characters felt one-dimensional, and Becky's (Rachel McAdams) romance was given such little screen time that it was almost irrelevant.

A pleasant but inconsequential watch.

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