Saturday, 19 February 2011

Could I be a Gleek?

Could I become a Gleek? That's the question I've been pondering the last few days. When a friend at work discovered I had never watched the American musical-style show, she insisted I take home her box set.

I don't like musicals. There's the odd classic - Grease, and the recent blockbuster - Mama Mia, that I enjoy, but I thought Nine was awfully dull, despite the fantastic cast.

On the other hand, I find it hard to beat an evening filled with American sitcoms - Gossip Girl, Friends, Desperate Housewives - you name it, I'm watching and loving it. So maybe, just maybe Glee and I could get on?

I've just finished episode three and I'm still sitting firmly on the fence. I do not immediately love it or hate it. I find the grotesque characters amusing and the writing sharp and witty. I like the relationships already developing between characters. And nothing beats a cast performance of a song I already love (I admit I may have sang along a little to their version of Kayne West's Gold-digger). But then there is also the cheesy, over the top expressions when the actors sing an emotional tune and it all seems a little rough around the edges and forced. But what I'm watching is the early days of a new show, the things I find frustrating have most likely been ironed out, and I imagine series two will be much more polished. For now, I'll persevere.

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