Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beauty Paradise

While in America these last few weeks, I discovered and fell in love with a shop called Sephora. As a way of introduction to all you Brits who have not yet found the joy of Sephora, it is in essence a beauty haven. It has a vast range of make-up, fragrances, skin care, body care and hair products all under one roof.

For a girly girl like me, these stores are a little bit of heaven. There is a large selection of brands, and as many items were a little cheaper than the UK I was able to treat myself to a few new products I otherwise couldn't have afforded, including my first ever primer (Laura Mercier). I'm already addicted to this product. Though I've always been a little sceptical about the claims of beauty brands, I swear this primer really does create a smooth, silky surface that makes make-up application so much easier, and increases the staying power of all my make-up products.

Other brands instore that filled me with excitement included Bobbi Brown and Nars - next on the purchase list is definitely a Nars Illuminator.

What's even more impressive is that all the staff are so highly trained. I was looking for a new moisturiser, and had a long list of (somewhat contradictory) features I wanted the product to provide. Staff were able to highlight five different products that fitted my needs. The stores are also beautifully laid out, creating a great shopping environment. My only complaint - there are no stores in the UK as of yet!

I also paid a visit to Mac while away - again the prices were a little cheaper than the UK. Investments included a beautiful new blush (Pinch o' Peach) and a nude lipstick (I'd been searching for the perfect shade for a good few months). All in all, one very successful shopping trip.

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  1. There used to be a Sephora in Touchwood in Solihull. Not sure why it left.