Friday, 29 July 2011

A conversation starter

On a trip to a Spanish market in the old capital of Teguise, my friends and I came across a stall full of quirky and original clocks. The gentleman who ran it used old wine and spirit bottles (everything from Martini to Gordan's Gin to Absolut Vodka), flattened them and added a clock battery and hands to create a modern, statement piece. My friends and I ummed and arghed over which to buy, and I ended up purchasing one Jack Daniels bottle, as a gift to my brother, and the last of the pink champagne bottles as a gift to myself. I stood and watched as the bottles became clocks, and was even given the option of the colour hands I wanted (I opted for silver). I’m particularly pleased with the outcome – the clock looks great on the wall and is entirely different to any clock I’ve seen before.

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