Monday, 6 June 2011

The Art of Interior

Saturday was spent at an Interior Art and Design class at the University of Warwick. Part of the day included creating mood boards - two of which I thought I'd share with you all.

The first is is quite an eclectic mix. The inspiration began with the image of a very English country cottage kitchen and dining room - I love the wooden floors, vintage inspired chairs and the way the space is used. This quickly became mixed in with images of red Moroccan houses, minimalist sleek wooden tables and bold orange walls. Throw into the melting pot some kitsch items such as the birdcage cushion and red spike clock and it became quite a combination.

I was unsure if all these styles would work together, or if it would be just too much. Luckily, it seemed to all come together. I now know what I want my living room to look like, I just need a house.

Secondly, I tried to create a luxurious and decadent vibe, but also something quite homely and livable. The colour palette was grey and raspberry, though I struggled to find enough raspberry images to include to emphasise the intended 50/50 colour divide.

My key pieces for this romantic style room include an extravagant baroque gold mirror, an antique style clock and long flowing curtains. A shapely wooden framed headboard, luscious fabrics and numerous candles would also not go amiss.

I'm now quite eager to find out more about Interior Design - from the history and development of the art to architecture to Feng Shui to the different schools of style. I'll keep you posted on my findings...

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