Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Three Things

Since the interior design class last week I've been much more aware of the space I live in and how it impacts my mood. I've concluded that it is the little things that can make a space feel like home - here's three small but very special items that never fail to bring me joy.

This gold and black frame was found on a chance visit to what I would call an "everything" store. Never before or since have I found a frame quite like it. I think it's beautiful and has a somewhat 1920s decadent vibe. It was a real bargain and the picture brings back wonderful memories of my trip to Paris last year with a girlfriend.

A gold Buddha, which was a gift from my brother many years ago, has travelled with me to all my homes during my university years and back to Leamington Spa again. I've heard that traditionally Buddhists place ornaments of the Buddha facing a door to welcome guests into their home; I find that snippet of history and tradition brings this piece to life. Sentimental reasons aside, I adore this item. The gold makes the statue glamorous, yet the piece itself is quite an unusual and bold choice.

Lastly, is the terramundi pot (another brilliant gift from my brother). I'd never heard of these pots before last September, and love the idea behind them. A 2000 year old tradition from Italy, these pots are a more beautiful and grown up version of a piggy bank. Once full with coins the pot is smashed and the money spent on "good things". It is also said that a wish made while smashing the pot will come true. Each pot is hand painted and slightly different, so each is one of a kind. The only problem: this pot is so gorgeous I'm not sure I'll ever be able to smash it!

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