Thursday, 30 June 2011

Welcome back Mr Luther!

This time last year, I was obsessively viewing and discussing a new detective series shown by the BBC - Luther. I was first inspired to tune in having seen the leading actor, Idris Elba, interviewed on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. I found Elba's description of the Luther intriguing, it sounded new, modern and edgy.

After one episode my whole office was hooked. Wednesday mornings always involved a detailed discussion of the previous night's episode. When the series finished, I was left hoping it would not be long before a second series appeared on our screens. Luckily, it has.

Having been on holiday, I've only just seen the first episode of series two, and boy oh boy was it good. The drama was, as ever, quick paced, intelligent and terrifying - I definitely should not have watched it at this time of night!

Elba is particularly strong on screen. He is an actor who is able to dominate a scene purely by his presence. Though Elba has perfected mannerisms, facial expressions and excellent control of his voice to create his portrayal of Luther; it is an essence of the character that leaps from the screen. Luther is raw, ruthless, unpredictable, but on the right side of the law. He is the bad boy we're allowed to like, and like I do.

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